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The Gypsy Bee Story

“One of my fondest and most intriguing childhood memories springs from the carefree days of exploring near my home in Nashville, Tennessee, in the mid-1950s. Living in a neighborhood bursting with children of all ages and surrounded by acres of ancient woods, I was fortunate to have experienced many memorable adventures. But one was truly magical.
One day while playing in the open fields, my friends and I began roaming farther from home until we found ourselves at the edge of the mysterious woods. Tucked in and around the giant trees that surrounded the bare patch of forest floor was a remarkable sight – ornately decorated wagons trimmed in crimson and ochre, horses with glittering red and gold harnesses, and gaily dressed people draped in azure-fringed shawls and dangling jewelry. The vivid color and pure wildness of the scene thrilled me to my toes, and the memory is just as rich and seductive to me today.
Five decades later, I continue to explore what lies beyond the edge of the woods. The stretch of forest I call home is layered into the mountains of Western North Carolina, not far from my native Tennessee. My gypsies now appear in the form of gold and brown honeybees, which I take great delight in observing, protecting, and nurturing.
These gypsy bees pollinate my blueberries, raspberries, grapevines, wildflowers, and plants that decorate my mountain homestead with splashes of raucous color. In addition to their amber elixir, the bees give me yet another treasure that is just as sweet – the memory of my long ago gypsy sighting.
GYPSY BEE soap is an extension of my magical childhood adventure. Using the purest natural ingredients including honey from my own hives, I am privileged to offer an extensive line of products for body and soul from GYPSY BEE BRAND – luxury, wild and pure!”       

~ Sherrye Perry
      Beekeeper & Gypsy Bee Owner

2.7.12 ~ In the beginning…
Posted on February 8, 2012 by Gypsybeescribe
In the beginning actually requires me to think much farther back than I find comfortable. As with most things, however, it is the discomfort that “inspires” change or movement or perhaps just a silent scream.
My venture into the soap making sphere is definitely a new beginning for me.  The inspiration for the name was an event that occurred over fifty years ago.  Ouch!  Now that statement  made me scream in my brain really, really loud. Well, that’s another story for another day.
My desire to begin the Gypsy Bee Natural Soap Company surprised me AND inspired me.  As a gal who appreciates adventure and challenge I embraced the idea of creating and marketing and sharing with others what I produce.
My DREAM is to share more than  unique and healthful products.  My passion is to offer hope, compassion, humor and faith to anyone who has had pebbles in their boots, scratches on their knees and bruises to their egos.  Just maybe my bumps and bruises can inspire others in their journey be it on a professional, personal or spiritual level.  So, I guess the soap is my ride.
Gypsy Bee does produce an exceptional quality in all lines of body products.  And, yes, I do hand-make my small batches of soaps and butters and soaks in my mountain home kitchen.  My hives of bees that graciously tolerate  me as their caretaker lovingly provide the honey that goes in each and every product I produce.  I intentionally process each and every step with anticipation.  What plants can I introduce on the farm that will promote more honey production?  What are the optimal amounts of honey that will moisturize and heal in the soaps and butters? Just how much of my stumbles in life should I share?  Lots to consider.
I so much hope to hear from friends with tenure and those I just haven’t had the opportunity to meet…yet.
Bees are a family.  They are wise creatures and even wiser teachers.  I hope to learn valuable lessons on this new journey and invite you to share it with me.
~ Sherrye

Hand Crafted with pride in Madison County, NC. USA

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